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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the raffle work?

A:  The system will choose random winners on the fir4st draw: May 20th (30 days from 4/20 - Launch). After that, winners will be selected once every month on the 20th.


Eventually the raffle will be once a week. All people that enter by 4/20 will stay in a be a part of that weekly raffle for the same $1.99/mo.

Q: Is the subscription the same as a lotto ticket for the drawing?

A: yes

Q: It says I can purchase as many tix as I want, how does that work?

A: When you purchase multiple subscriptions, you are entered multiple times (1 subscription purchase = 1 ticket). You are also subscribed more than once.

Q: Do you get charged each month until you cancel your subscription but you stay in the lotto until you cancel your subscription.

A: You remain in the sweepstakes until you cancel your subscription.

For any and all additional questions, please reach out to us through the "ContactUs" form or via email at:

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