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About KushLotto

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We are a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3) Kush Sweepstakes) that will provide safe access to, and donate cannabis to economically disadvantaged populations with significant medical and/or mental needs (ie veterans with ptsd, ms, cancer, and sexual abuse survivors).

Why is this an Issue?


Due to regulations, dispensaries have become more expensive in providing access to marijuana. Though this option is much pricier, it is also safer- however, not all those in need can afford this premium. As a result, Fentanyl overdoses have become the leading cause of overdose fatalities in the U.S (see article). To avoid the chance of street dealers lacing products, we have created a non-profit organization that will help those in need by providing charity drafting and sweepstakes to benefit those populations and help bring them more affordable cannabis. With your contributions, we will take one step closer to a safer tomorrow.

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